Certainly, the idea of renting a limousine as a surprise gift earns you major kudos on behalf of your birthday celebrant. However,  if you sit back and think of all the extra benefits of hiring a limousine for a birthday celebration adds, you will find it a no-brainer to hire CLS limousine for your upcoming Birthday Bash. Birthdays are a celebration of life, and the next time you celebrate make it fun, safe and unique and allow our professional chauffeurs to steer your chariot.

    1 ) No one drinks and drives – Kick back and relax and have peace of mind knowing the driving is in the hands of a professional chauffeur who’s the only job is to get you safely to and from your destination hassle-free. So what is peace of mind worth?  If you factor in the legal ramifications of a single DUI violation it quickly becomes obvious that you should eliminate alcohol from your beverage of choice that event.  If you need any more reasons not to drink and drive, consider this: A driving-under-the-influence conviction is a financial wrecking ball.

    2) The Social Pregame– Limousine services are more than just getting you to the venue lavishly, it is the venue before the venue. Spending some quality time as a group while you are driven to your event is a great social pregame. The element of close friends coupled together for a night of entertainment is truly a special feeling and one that’s not replicated on a daily basis. So consider a limo service as the prerequisite when you decide to just have fun with peace of mind.

    3) What a surprise –  If you want to see your birthday celebrants jaw drop when you open your front door, hiring a limousine or party bus is the way to achieve it.  Request the Birthday Surprise package and let the smiles begin once your Birthday celebrant catches an eyeful of our gleaming limousine parked outside. Our Birthday Surprise Package Includes :

    1. Tuxedo attired Chauffeur
    2. A red carpet rolled out
    3. Birthday balloons tied in a bouquet of streamers decorating the limousine.
    4. Pictures at your starting point

    Kick-start the night off in celebratory fashion while being chauffeured by an experienced and most courteous limousine driver.  Now that’s a surprise, and one worth remembering.  Packages start as low as $295, however, you can tailor additional lengths in time or vehicle types. Birthday Limo Packages

    4) Next Round’s an arm-length away–  A cost saver that is certainly rewarding is that you can bring aboard your own adult beverages in the limousine, all other amenities such as cups, ice, bottled water, and napkins will already be provided by CLS Transportation. You and your guests can enjoy cocktails en-route to your desired venues. At an average cost of $12-15 per drink in Houston, it may be cost effective to have a drink in the limousine before you arrive. At least you won’t need to fight the crowd to get a drink as it is only an arm’s length away.  Toast the night away and be in good spirits for your Birthday celebration.

    5) Dude, where did I park my car? –  If the task of driving to your destination is a challenge in itself, you will need to factor where you will be parking your car as well. If your heading into Houston, most bars, and nightclubs in Houston do not offer valet services so more than likely you will need to securely park in a parking garage. The average cost can range from $25-$60 depending on your location in Houston. Good luck finding free parking and bring tennis shoes with you because it can be a considerable walking distance from where you park the car. With the average cost of parking violations at $115 per ticket, it quickly becomes a feasible idea that being driven in is better than driving in.